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Whatever the climatic conditions, FodderHydroSystem systems produce a fresh and constant supply for the breeding of cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, poultry and rabbits. It is a hydroponic process that produces clean, highly nutritious green forage that reduces feed and labor costs for farmers. Our mobile systems can produce up to 1 ton (1000 kg) of green fodder per day, depending on the needs of the smallest producer to large breeders. The hydroponic unit of FodderHydroSystem available in Algeria and Worldwide.

Hydroponic systems clean and 100% reliable


FodderHydroSystem systems consist of a hydroponic growth chamber specifically designed for the germination of cereals and legumes. The seeds are deposited in sprouting trays sprayed at intervals determined by sprinklers fixed above the trays. A set temperature is maintained in the chamber to ensure the best germination time for the best nutritional value possible. The job is simply to fill trays every day by pushing the trays of the previous days. After 6 days, the sprouted grains form a carpet of fodder whose roots have intermingled. Simply remove the sprouted seed mats from the trays, then rinse and brush the trays, then put back seeds and restart a germination cycle.


Now distributed worldwide.


Germinated barley was analyzed at all stages of germination. This starts after 24 hours, but its highest concentration of nutrients is between the 5th and 6th day depending on the process used. This is when barley should be harvested.

The composition of the germinated barley demonstrates a high protein and energy content as well as various vitamins, making this green forage a high quality food 100% clean without any chemical or other fertilizers for cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, poultry or rabbits.

Unlike dry grains or hay, germinated barley improves the digestion of animals and contributes to a good assimilation of nutrients and good health of the animal. The germination of barley kernels increases their digestibility by 30% to 80%, which greatly increases protein assimilation and gives more energy to animals.

Germination also increases its vitamin A content by 600%. The germinated barley mat is completely edible, roots and green part, so there is no loss and the two parts offer different nutrients. In addition to being beneficial for animals, it is a very good substitute for other food supplements with better value for money.

By monitoring the continuous production of food for their animals, livestock farmers benefit from:


  • Accelerated livestock growth and better general animal health
  • Significant reduction in the food costs
  • Saving water and energy
  • Saves time and space for Green Feeds production, management and storage

From small to the large Hydroponic systems, FodderHydroSystem offers a range of mobile or fixed products sizes and variable production capacities that adapt to the needs and budget of its customers. (on quotation request)

The company acts as global and national distributor and ensures the technical training of its distributors in order to guarantee an optimal perfect production.FodderHydroSystem Train and supports its farmers and distributors and provide them with unparalleled services from the delivery to installation and after sales service. The permanent monitoring of our expert advisors guarantees a high performance and a good functioning of the systems.

Livestock farmers can now be assured of the supply of a 100% clean without any chemical or other fertilizers hydroponic green feed of quality for their animals throughout the year and whatever the weather conditions. This food revolution allows to save both time and money, while ensuring better animal health and increased production.

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