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Hydroponic systems clean and 100% reliable

Fodder's systems consist of a hydroponic growth chamber designed specifically for the germination of cereals and legumes. The seeds are deposited in sprouting trays sprayed at intervals determined by sprinklers fixed above the trays. A set temperature is maintained in the chamber to ensure the best germination time for the best nutritional value possible. The job is simply to fill trays every day by pushing the trays of the previous days. After 6 days, the sprouted grains form a carpet of fodder whose roots have intermingled. Simply remove the sprouted seed mats from the trays, then rinse and brush the trays, then put back seeds and restart a germination cycle.

A revolutionary solution sold worldwide.

Now distributed all over the world including in Algeria . 

our customers benefit from the best quality / price ratio.


Now distributed worldwide.

From small to large systems, FodderHydroSystem offers a range of mobile or fixed products (on request), dimensions and variable production capacities that adapt to the needs and budget of its customers.

FodderHydroSystem produces a 100% clean green hydroponic feed without any chemical fertilizer or other.

The company acts as a distributor and provides technical training to its regional distributors to ensure that plant production is always perfect and optimal.

FodderHydroSystem supports its farmers and distributors to provide outstanding service and after-sales service. The permanent monitoring of our expert advisors guarantees a high performance and a good functioning of the hydroponic systems.


Produces 450-500 kg of feed per day Produces 182 tons of fresh feed per year


Produces 1,000 kg of feed per day Produces 365 tons of fresh feed per year


Produces 2,000 kg of feed per day, 730 tonnes of fresh feed per year


Produces 3,000 kg of feed per day
Produces 1095 tonnes of fresh feed per year

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